One Person, Several Names: Median or Old Persian?

Amir Zamani

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Published on 02 December 2023

  The Persepolis Fortification archive provides new insights into the study of Old Iranian, particularly regarding the debate over the "Median language". The archive contains numerous Iranian names in Elamite transcription, allowing for the identification of phonetic differences between Old Persian and ...  Read More

Causality or Correlation: the Decline of Rome Due to the Sasanians

Nathan Decety

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Published on 16 January 2024

  The existence of the Sasanian Kingdom is considered an important facet of the Roman Empire’s downfall because it is believed the Sasanians were more competent or powerful than their predecessors - the Parthian Kingdom. This paper compares the total power of the Parthian and Sasanian kingdoms and ...  Read More

Ancient Georgia and pre-Islamic Iran: Issues of Cultural Relations in the Light of Glyptic Data

Ketevan Ramishvili; Helen Giunashvili

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Published on 13 February 2024

  In addition to the many realms of fine arts, the issues of Georgian-Iranian cultural interactions of pre-Islamic periods that merit our particular interest were adequately expressed in such a minor form of arts as glyptic, beginning from the Achaemenian days up to the Sasanian period. Glyptic artifacts, ...  Read More