Appropriate Citation

Authors must make sure they have cited all the sources they have used in an appropriate way. Using any third-party material without mentioning the original source will be taken as plagiarism. Such a manuscript will be immediately rejected.


Conflict of Interest

To avoid any breach of publication ethics, it is crucial to eliminate any conflicts of interest of all the parties involved in publishing. Conflicts of interest arise when authors, reviewers or members of the editorial board have financial, scientific or personal relations that may influence their actions. Such relations are known as dual commitments, competing interests or competing loyalties.

In order to prevent conflicts of interest and in accordance with the ethical standards adopted by the journal, each party shall bear the following responsibilities.

The Editor-in-Chief shall:

– pass the manuscript for consideration to another Editorial Board member if the initially appointed reviewer has a conflict of interest with the author of the manuscript;

– ask that all the parties involved in publishing report a potential conflict of interest;

– make decisions to publish the information from the letter of the author concerning scientific and / or financial conflicts of interest if it is not confidential and may affect the published work evaluation by readers or academia;

– publish corrections if a conflict of interest arose after the paper was published.

The Author shall:

– indicate his/her employer and the source of research funding.

The Reviewer shall:

– inform the Editor-in-Chief about conflicts of interest (dual commitments, competing interests) and decline to review the manuscript.


If publication ethics is breached by the editor, authors or reviewers, a mandatory investigation is required. This applies to both published and unpublished materials. The Editorial Board shall seek clarification, without involving those who may have a conflict of interest with any of the parties.

If the material containing significant inaccuracies has been published, it shall be immediately modified in a way accessible to readers and indexing systems.