It's with great pleasure that we announce the publication of our first issue. Thanks to the great editorial work of Dr. Helen Giunashvili and Dr. Mohammad Amin Mirghaderi, the special issue titled "Nature in Ancient Iranian Arts and Texts" has been published, featuring six articles:

A Cheetah in a Camphor Tree Grove: Etymological Notes on Indo-Iranian Words for Camphor (Leonid Kulikov)

The Iranian Dragon-slaying Myth: Dragons, the Avestan Saošiiant, and Possible Connections to the Iranian Water Goddess Anāhitā (Manya Saadi-nejad)

Eastern Mountains: Central Zagros Perspective on the Akkadian Glyptics (Mohammad Amin Mirghaderi)

From Persepolis to Persepolis: Bestiary’s Evolution after Sealings from the Achaemenid to the Sasanian Period (Dephine Poinsot)

Observation of the Role of Climate and Geography in the War Planning of the Sasanian Spāh (Army) (Kaveh Farrokh)

Khosrow and the Old Woman: Two Historical Stories with Two Side Stories on Animal Rights (Farzin Ghafouri and Mitra Reyhani)



You can download and read the articles from the following link: