Document Type : Original Research


The Academy of Persian Language and Literature, Tehran


Khosrow Anōšīravān is a renowned Iranian king, widely admired among Iranians, particularly for his good governance and tax reforms. His remembrances have been perpetuated in historical sources as well as in Persian literature. Persian stories about Khosrow Anōšīravān can be divided into two categories: 1) stories with historical origins; 2) fictional narratives. The former group may be useful for understanding historical events once the fictional components are removed. The latter group mainly serves as part of the folklore. Among the Persian literary stories featuring Khosrow and an elderly woman, there are two main stories each with a side story. Animal rights are hinted at in the side stories. This paper argues that the first main story, its side story, and the second main story are historical stories and there is evidence for approving their historical basis, while the second side story has no historical basis and seems to have emerged from folklore.